BISSELL 3194 vs. 3624 [SpotClean Pro Comparison]

Updated: 13th May 2022

BISSELL 3194 vs. 3624 – this is a comparison review of the new and the old SpotClean Pro portable carpet cleaner.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3194) is the latest version whereas the SpotClean Pro (3624) is the older version.

Here, we’ll compare them side-by-side to know the differences. Let’s begin.

Note: We’ve linked to 3194 (the latest version) throughout the post and not 3624 (the outdated version) because the former is currently being sold on the marketplace.

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Powerful suction, portable, large-capacity tanks, affordable, easy to use, 2-year warranty, sleeker, Deep Stain tool

Powerful suction, portable, large-capacity tanks, affordable, easy to use, 2-year warranty, 6-inch Stair tool

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Features Comparison: A Side-by-Side Analysis

SpecificationsBISSELL SpotClean Pro (3194)BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3624)
Dimensions (D x W x H)15.35 x 11.02 x 13.98 inches10 x 14 x 14 inches
Weight13.25 lbs13.25 lbs
Power sourceCordedCorded
Power rating5.7 amps5.7 amps
Cord length20 feet20 feet
Hose length5 feet5 feet
Tank capacity¾ gallon each¾ gallon each
Cleaning technologyNoStainProtect Formula
Heating technologyNoNo
Drying technologyNoNo
Tools & Accessories3-inch Tough Stain tool,
Deep Stain tool,
Easy Fill Cap
3-inch Tough Stain tool,
6-inch Stair tool,  
Surface typeCarpet, upholstery, auto, stairs, rugsCarpet, upholstery, auto, stairs, rugs
Stains typeAll fresh and set-in spot stains like pet messes & hair, food & beverages, grease, makeup, dirt, grime, mud, mold/fungusAll fresh and set-in spot stains like pet messes & hair, food & beverages, grease, makeup, dirt, grime, mud, mold/fungus
Cleaning formula8-oz PRO MAX Clean + Protect formula,
8-oz Deep Clean + ANTIBACTERIAL formula
8-oz PRO MAX Clean + Protect formula
Warranty2 years2 years
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Detailed Comparison: What’s the difference between BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194 and 3624?

BISSELL 3194 vs 3624 Comparison Chart
Graphical representation of the comparison

Pros & Cons

BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3194)BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3624)
– Powerful Suction
– Compact and lightweight
– Deep stain tool for high pile carpets and rugs
– Suitable for multiple surfaces
– Long hose and cord
– Powerful Suction
– Compact and lightweight
– Dedicated 6-inch stair tool
– Suitable for multiple surfaces
– Long hose and cord
– Not suitable for long-duration cleaning as hands and elbows hurt
– Flimsy latch to hold the hose
– Not suitable for long-duration cleaning as hands and elbows hurt
– Hose prone to breakage at the joint
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BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194 and 3624 run on 5.7 amps (~684 Watts) motors, powerful enough to pull tough stains out of surfaces. These spot cleaners are the most sought-after appliances in the portable carpet cleaners category owing to their performance.

You get a 3-inch Tough Stain tool and a Deep Stain tool with the BISSELL 3194. While the former works great on low pile carpet and rugs and upholstery, the latter is the best for high pile carpets and rugs as it injects solution deep into fibers. Watch the video below to know more. 

Official video of BISSELL Deep Stain tool functioning

With BISSELL 3624, you get a 3-inch Tough Stain tool and a 6-inch Stair tool. You know about the former. The latter is specifically designed to clean stairs as it’s wide enough to cover sufficient surface area.

If you notice, 3194 has the tools for both surface-level as well deeply embedded stains. On the other hand, 3624 has tools not much effective for deep cleaning of high pile carpets and rugs. 

My Verdict: BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194 wins by a slight margin for its Deep Stain tool.

Ease of Use

BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194 and 3624 work in the same way. You’ll have to fill the ¾ gallon-capacity tank with water and formula. In 3194, you get an Easy Fill Cap, enabling you to effortlessly pour formula into the tank. Place back the tank, release the cord (20-ft long) from the Quick Release Cord Wrap, unwind the hose (5-ft long), attach the tool, and begin the process (spray, scrub, and suction).

Switch tools and use cleaning formulas depending on the stain types. While scrubbing and pressing the tool against the surface, you may feel the strain on your hands, elbows, and shoulders. But it’ll happen only if you are cleaning continuously without breaks. Therefore, take a rest whenever you want to. Other than this, everything’s a breeze with the SpotClean Pros.

My Verdict: It’s a tie.

Ease of Maintenance

Using carpet cleaners is one thing and cleaning them afterward is another. Both 3194 and 3624 require proper maintenance if you want them to last longer. You’ll have to clean the dirty water tank, filter, tools, and the hose to ensure no residue buildup which, otherwise, may lead to microbial growth, resulting in malfunctioning and a bad odor.

Once you’re done cleaning, empty the DWT and rinse it with clean water. Clean the red filter present on the inside where the tank sits. Now, fill clean water in a bowl and use the tool to suck water. The water passes through the tool and the hose, directly into the tank, washing away residue found in the path. To clean the brush bristles, simply wash the tool under running water.

Official video of How to Clean SpotClean Pro

As you can see, it’s easy to take care of SpotClean Pro 3194 and 3624. In case of any issues, you can avail the 2-year warranty applicable on both the machines.

One important aspect. Remove the tool from the hose after use. Wind up the hose without any attachments. Otherwise, it may lead to a crack at the joint.

My Verdict: Again, it’s a tie.     


Spot cleaners are also called portable carpet cleaners due to their light weight and compact size. BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194 weighs around 13.25 lbs with empty tanks. In terms of dimensions, it’s slimmer and has more depth. BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3624, on the other hand, is comparatively broader and has lesser depth. It also weighs around 13.25 lbs.

Carrying them around is convenient. The ergonomically-placed handle on the top makes it easier to pick and carry these machines upstairs, downstairs, in your car, to the basement, to your office or shop, or anywhere. Regarding storage, tuck them inside a shelf or where you can find sufficient space. They’ll occupy the minimal area.

My Verdict: It’s a tie. The 3194 has a slight edge over 3624 for its slimmer design, though.    


Both 3194 and 3624 are spot cleaners capable of removing fresh as well as old stains of all types, including pet messes, beverage spills, oil or grease marks, food spills, muddy prints, makeup blunders, regular dirt and grime, etc.

Use them to clean rugs, carpets, couches, pet beds, stairs, auto interiors, and upholstery. However, take note that these machines are not designed for fully-fledged carpet or rug cleaning sessions or mattresses. But you can still do car seats, couches, and pet beds with these portable spot cleaners.

The SpotClean 3194 comes with a 3-inch Tough Stain tool (suitable for all kinds of carpets and fabrics) and a Deep Stain tool (suitable for high pile carpets and rugs). The SpotClean Pro 3624 has a 3-inch Tough Stain tool and a 6-inch Stair tool for stairs (can be used elsewhere as well).

My Verdict: BISSELL 3194 wins for its Deep Stain tool. 

Customer Reviews

Let’s begin with BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194. The customers say it excels at deep cleaning, removing tough stains out of all surfaces, especially upholstery. They like the sleek design, large tank capacities, ease of use and maintenance. Some users pointed out the flimsy latch that holds the hose.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3624 was the undisputed champion in the portable carpet cleaners segment until 3194 took over as the successor. The users praise 3624 for its mind-blowing performance, compact design, large-capacity tanks, and versatility. However, the hose breakage issue is a disappointment for many. You can avert it by simply detaching the tool before winding up the hose.

My Verdict: Both are icons of their times. So it’s a tie. 

Which one is the best: BISSELL 3194 or 3624?

 BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3194)BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3624)
Ease of UseTieTie
Ease of MaintenanceTieTie
Customer ReviewsTieTie
Check on Amazon
Check on Amazon

Which one will you buy: BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194 or 3624?

In our opinion, both spot cleaners are very similar. There are minor differences that we’ve already discussed here in this post.

When it comes to spending your money, go ahead with the BISSELL SpotClean Pro 3194, the latest version in the series, and also the best portable carpet cleaner available on the market right now.

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