BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable [Honest Comparison]

Updated: 3rd November 2020

Here is an in-depth review of the two most popular portable carpet cleaners – BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable.

While BISSELL is the leader in the portable carpet shampooer segment, Rug Doctor, on the other hand, knows how to address the pain points of its customers.

Therefore, buyers like you often think about which of these carpet cleaners is the best for pet stains or deep cleaning, or any other purpose.

In this detailed comparison between BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3624) and Rug Doctor Pet Portable (93390), you’ll get answers to all your queries and doubts.

So let’s begin right away.

Powerful, compact, easy to use, portable, very effective

Powerful, portable, durable, easy to use, effective on pet stains

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Features Comparison: BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable

SpecificationsBISSELL SpotClean Pro (3624)Rug Doctor Pet Portable (93390)
Dimensions (D x W x H)10 x 14 x 14 inches12.50 × 17.25 × 17.25 inches
Weight13.25 lbs15.50 lbs
Power sourceCordedCorded
Power rating5.7 amps12 amps
Cord length22 feet15 feet
Hose length5 feet5 feet
Tank capacity96 ounces each64 ounces each
Cleaning technologyStainProtect FormulaNo
Heating technologyNoNo
Drying technologyNoNo
Tools3-inch tough stain tool, 6-inch stair toolDual-action pet tool with rubberized brush
Surface typeCarpet, upholstery, auto, stairs, rugsCarpet, upholstery, auto, stairs, rugs
Stains typeAll spot stains like pet messes, tea, coffee, wine, and mudAll spot stains like pet messes, tea, coffee, wine, and mud
Cleaning formulaPRO MAX Clean + Protect formulaPet Stain & Odor cleaning solution with pro-enzymatic formula
Warranty2 years2 years
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Detailed Comparison: BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3624) vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable (93390)

BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Comparison Chart
BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Comparison Chart

Feature-wise, it’s tough to determine which one is the best portable carpet cleaner. So let’s analyze these spot carpet cleaners based on performance, ease of use, ease of maintenance, portability, versatility, and customer reviews.

Lastly, we’ll have a look at the final overview that’ll help you decide the winner – BISSELL SpotClean Pro or Rug Doctor Pet Portable.


SpotClean Pro: This machine delivers unparalleled performance in the portable carpet cleaners segment. The 5.7 amps (~684 Watts) motor delivers sufficient suction to pull deeply embedded stains from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. The carpet cleaning formula and hand tools also play a major role in weeding out stains.

Rug Doctor Pet Portable: Surprisingly, Rug Doctor Pet Portable features 12 amps (~1200 Watts) motor, not available even in most of the upright carpet cleaners. The 2X suction is capable of sucking up set-in dirt and filth. It also quickens the drying process that, otherwise, would take hours if using other spot carpet cleaners.

Pro Tip: Always pretreat a stain before using a carpet cleaner to remove it. Also, after running the carpet cleaner with a detergent solution in it, run it once more, but this time, use only clean water. This procedure will remove detergent from the carpet and rugs, safeguarding them against damage.  

My Verdict: It’s a tie.

Ease of Use

SpotClean Pro: The ergonomically-designed SpotClean Pro provides much ease to users. It comes with two tools – a 3-inch tough stain tool and a 6-inch stair tool – to tackle messes on all types of surfaces. The 96-ounce tank capacity is the highest in the segment. The 22-feet cord and 5-feet hose provide sufficient freedom of movement.

Official video of SpotClean Pro

Rug Doctor Portable: This portable carpet cleaning machine has been designed to provide unparalleled convenience to users. The retractable handle and wheels let you drag it as a trolley bag, saving you from the hassle of carrying it from one spot to another. The 64-ounce capacity tank holds an adequate amount of solution, enough to clean a medium-sized rug.

However, a 15-feet cord is a limiting factor. There’s a 5-feet hose, but it doesn’t provide as much freedom of movement as available with the SpotClean Pro.

My Verdict: SpotClean Pro wins.

Ease of Maintenance

SpotClean Pro: BISSELL provides a 2-year warranty on the appliance. So you don’t need to worry much about maintenance if anything breaks down in the first two years, such as the hose, that’s prone to breakage due to design flaws. It’s easy to empty and rinse tanks.

Rug Doctor Portable: It also comes with a 2-year warranty so you don’t need to spend extra if something goes wrong. Moreover, the robust build quality proves the appliance is less prone to damage. Handling tanks is also not much of an issue, but there are minor design flaws.  

Pro Tip: After every cleaning session, fill hot water in the solution tank and empty it by spraying water in the sink. The process will clear the residue left in the spray tube. Further, fill a bucket with hot water and use the hand tool to suck water, cleaning the entire hose in the process.

My Verdict: Rug Doctor wins.

Official video of Rug Doctor Pet Portable (Note – This is the old version, not the new one. )


SpotClean Pro: Weighing just 13.25 lbs, it’s fairly easy to carry this portable carpet shampooer around inside your house (not so easy for the elderly, though). With a filled water tank, it’s difficult to carry it around frequently, especially upstairs. When it comes to storage, its compact design allows you to stack it in confined spaces.

Rug Doctor Portable: This carpet shampooer is heavier (15.50 lbs) than its competitors. But thankfully, wheels and retractable handle make it easier to move it around. However, carrying it up and downstairs is a problem for sure. And although it’s a portable carpet cleaner, it’s not that much compact.  You may face difficulty finding a suitable space to store it.

My Verdict: SpotClean Pro wins. Rug Doctor only impresses with its set of wheels and collapsible handle.


SpotClean Pro: This is a complete portable carpet cleaning machine, capable of eliminating all types of stains, be it pet messes, food spills, beverage stains, or anything else. It works with equal proficiency on both old and fresh stains, thanks to the StainProtect Formula. Moreover, it’s suitable for carpets, rugs, stairs, upholstery, hallways, auto interiors, pet beds, mattresses, etc.

Rug Doctor Portable: This carpet cleaner caters to your specific needs related to pet messes that include pet urine, vomit, blood, drool, poop, hair, etc. The Dual-Action Pet tool, featuring a rubberized brush, cleans up pet hair and removes stains. It’s also effective in eliminating other types of stains. Further, it’s compatible with different surface types, be it carpets, rugs, upholstery, stairs, auto interiors, etc.

My Verdict: Overall, SpotClean Pro wins.

Customer Reviews

SpotClean Pro: The majority of reviews confirms that SpotClean Pro delivers a beastly performance, capable of tackling all types of stains, and suitable for all surface types. Besides, users praise its compact design, efficient tools, effective cleaning formula, and large capacity tanks.

However, a lot of them also complain about its hose breakage issues at the point where you attach the tool to the hose.

Rug Doctor Portable: Users simply love the powerful suction, build quality, presence of wheels and a retractable handle, rubberized brush, and its ability to remove the toughest pet stains.

However, some of them complain about tank design. They have reported leakage issues and an inability to clean tanks properly. And since it features a high-amp motor, it’s very loud.

My Verdict: SpotClean Pro wins.

Pros & Cons

BISSELL SpotClean ProRug Doctor Pet Portable
Pros-Powerful and versatile performance
-Large capacity tanks
-Specialized tools for effective
-Lightweight and compact design
-Delivers 2X suction
-Ease of portability
-Strong build quality
-Special focus on pet stains
Cons-Hose breakage problem
-May be expensive for some
-Flawed tank design
-Bulky and not-so-compact
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Final Overview: BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable

 BISSELL SpotClean Pro (3624)Rug Doctor Pet Portable (93390)
Ease of UseWins 
Ease of Maintenance Wins
Customer ReviewsWins 
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Also Consider: BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro (2458) is the same as the Pro, the only add-ons are – a pet stain trapper tool and two trial-sized bottles of PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula. So basically, it’s more customized to deal with pet stains of all types.

In comparison to Rug Doctor Pet Portable, the Pet Pro gains an edge because it delivers the same performance you witness with SpotClean Pro. Besides, you get a pet stain trapper tool that captures pet messes in a separate container, thereby keeping the hose free of filth.

Further, you get two bottles of PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula that’s effective in removing pet messes. Even Rug Doctor’s Pet & Stain formula is equally effective. So here, both spot carpet cleaners are at the same level.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Rug Doctor Pet Portable: Which one is the Best?

So that’s all from my side – a thorough comparison between BISSELL SpotClean Pro and Rug Doctor Pet Portable. The final decision is yours now.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro delivers unparalleled performance and is suitable for all stains and surfaces. So if you want to purchase a tried-and-trusted product, go ahead with SpotClean Pro. And if pet stains are your concern, you can also opt for SpotClean Pet Pro.

Rug Doctor understands the concerns of its users and, therefore, it provides every feature a buyer desires – collapsible handle, wheels, rubberized brush, and a sturdy body. Undoubtedly, performance is also top-notch.

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