BISSELL SpotClean Pro Review 3624 [Detailed Analysis]

Updated: 16th March 2021

BISSELL SpotClean Pro review – this is an honest and in-depth analysis of the best-selling portable carpet cleaner, most suitable for spot cleaning chores.

Besides, we’ll be reviewing two other SpotClean variants as well – SpotClean Pet Pro and SpotClean ProHeat.

Let’s begin.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro is a complete package with perfect cleaning, powerful suction, and high portability. It is versatile with its manifold uses. Highly recommended for daily use

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BISSELL SpotClean Pro [3624] Portable Carpet Cleaner Review

BISSELL SpotClean Pro Review 3624

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions:  10 X 14 X 14 inches
  • Product weight: 13.25 lbs
  • Power source: Corded
  • Cord length: 22 feet
  • Power rating: 5.7 amps
  • Clean water capacity: 96 ounces
  • Dirty water capacity: 96 ounces
  • Hose length: 5 feet
  • Tool: 3-inch tough stain tool, 6-inch stair tool
  • A trial-sized bottle of PRO MAX Clean + Protect Formula
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Surfaces: Carpet, rugs, stairs, upholstery, furniture, auto interiors, hallways, pet beds
  • Stains: All fresh and set-in stains caused due to pet messes, food, beverages, grease, makeup, mud, etc.
  • Powerful suction that ensures deep cleaning
  • Strong scrubbing action, courtesy 3-inch tough stain tool and 6-inch stair tool
  • StainProtect formula avoids future buildups of stains on surfaces
  • Compact and lightweight design facilitates ease of portability and storage
  • Large, easy-to-clean tanks


With its 5.7 amps (~684 Watts) motor, BISSELL SpotClean Pro is a sturdy and efficient carpet cleaner. It sucks the dirt with its powerful suction and removes stains dedicatedly to give you a clean new carpet.

However, running a vacuum cleaner over the affected area is highly recommended to remove debris and pet hair that may block the carpet cleaner’s passage.

The StainProtect formula prevents stain buildup at the treated spot. This doesn’t imply that stain will never occur, but it’ll not be as tough as the previous one.

Making use of PRO MAX Clean + Protect Formula, the SpotClean Pro pulls out the toughest stains from your carpet threads. If you choose to use hot water for cleaning, it will perform even better.

Official video of SpotClean Pro

Ease of Assembly

BISSELL SpotClean Pro comes in a fully-assembled form. You don’t need to deal with screws and nuts at all. Just fill the clean water tank with water and shampoo, plug in the cord, and attach a suitable tool. That’s all; you are all set to shoot the spots.

Ease of Use

There is nothing intricate about this machine to operate. All you have to do is to move its brush back and forth using its ergonomically built handle and allow the suction tool to suck all the debris up through the hose to the dirt tank. In case of tough stains, it is advisable to pretreat the spots and move the brush multiple times.

The ease of use this model offers makes it a beginner-friendly carpet cleaner. You can move the machine around comfortably since it features a 5-feet hose and a 22-feet cord.

While filling hot water in the tank, don’t exceed the mark as overfilling may make water ooze out during operations. Keep monitoring the water level during the cleaning procedure. Refill as required. Emptying the dirt tank is also made easy in this model. Once the task is completed, clean it before keeping it in your shed.

Ease of Maintenance

It’s fairly convenient to keep SpotClean Pro in top-notch condition. Just ensure thorough cleaning of machine components (tool, hose, tanks, and filter) after every major carpet cleaning session.

Take hot water in a vessel, and run it through the tool and hose to remove filth from the passage. It’ll ensure a longer shelf life of the appliance. For tanks, just rinse them rigorously with hot water to remove any residue.

There’s one issue with the SpotClean Pro – the hose tends to break at the point where it meets the tool. It goes through constant stress in the curled state when not in use. Thus, it breaks sooner than expected.

However, BISSELL offers a 2-year warranty on the appliance. In case of any issues, you can visit the service center.


With its 13.25 lbs. weight which when combined with a filled water tank makes 19.45 pounds, you can comfortably carry it around your house. It lacks wheels though. However, an ergonomically designed handle at the top of the cleaner allows you to grip it firmly while commuting.

Its storage is also zero-hassle due to its compactness. You can conveniently store it in your home, office, or shop. Further, carrying it in your car is not a problem at all.


BISSELL SpotClean Pro handles any surface as an expert keeper. From mud marks to tea spills to pet urine, poop, or your 1-year old’s vomit, it gulps everything up, giving you a sparkling clean surface in return.

You can also clean your rugs, auto interiors, staircase, upholstery & fabric, and pet beds with this machine. The 3-inch tough stain tool is suitable for all types of surfaces. Whereas the 6-inch stair tool, as the name suggests, is most suitable for carpeted stairs.

Customer Reviews

BISSELL SpotClean Pro is by far the most popular portable carpet cleaner on the market. It’s lauded by users around the globe for its build, efficiency, and effectiveness. It is told to be a great value for money by many customers.

However, sadly, its hose is reported to be flimsy. But this doesn’t appear to be a deal-breaker as with its 2-years warranty from the manufacturer you don’t need to fret much about it while purchasing.

Users prefer SpotClean Pro for various purposes like cleaning carpets, rugs, auto interiors, and stairs. So if you’re looking for a versatile compact carpet cleaner, this machine should be your first choice.


  • Powerful suction for deep cleaning
  • Highly portable, lightweight
  • Compact, can be easily stored
  • Large-capacity tanks


  • Hose prone to breakage when under stress for a long time

Final Overview of BISSELL SpotClean Pro

Key Specifications9.5/10
Key Features9.2/10
Ease of Use9.3/10
Ease of Assembly9.5/10
Ease of Maintenance8.8/10
Customer Reviews9.5/10
PriceCheck on Amazon

Overall Score — 9.25/10

Also Consider: BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro [2458] Review

We can review BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro (2458) here because it’s a variant of the Pro. You can also find it by the name of BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro (2891) in some stores. Everything is the same, except for two minor alterations.

One, the SpotClean Pet Pro comes with a Stain Trapper tool which cleans and stores pet messes like poop, urine, and pet hair inside a separate container attached to the tool. Second, you get two trial-sized bottles of PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula.

As you can see, the Pet Pro is specifically modified to handle pet messes like urine, poop, vomit, drool, paw marks, etc. Therefore, you can buy SpotClean Pet Pro if you are looking for a portable carpet cleaner for pet stains.

Also Consider: BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat [2694] Review

Now BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat (2694) is a part of the SpotClean lineage, but it’s significantly different than the SpotClean Pro and Pet Pro.

SpotClean ProHeat is also branded and sold as the Little Green ProHeat (2513G) on some marketplaces.

It features a 3 amps motor, 37 oz-capacity tanks, 4.5-feet hose, 15-feet cord, 3-inch tough stain tool, deep stain tool, and HydroRinse self-cleaning tool.

It’s compact, lightweight (9.2 lbs), and powerful enough to weed out tough stains of all types. Moreover, it’s significantly cheaper than the SpotClean Pro and the Pet Pro.

The short cord and hose is a limiting factor. Further, it’s powerful but not as proficient as the Pro and the Pet Pro.

For a better understanding, we highly recommend you to read the thorough comparison of BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Pet Pro vs. ProHeat before buying any of these portable carpet shampooers.

Why should you buy BISSELL SpotClean Pro?

When you have SpotClean Pro by your side, you don’t need to worry about any kind of a spot stain. The machine is suitable for spot stains and carpeted surfaces of all types.

In terms of performance and versatility, there’s no match in the market. It’s a one-time investment you won’t regret in the years to come.

Must Read

If you have any doubt that’s stopping you from buying the product, feel free to get in touch with us in the comments.

Lastly, share this BISSELL SpotClean Pro review with someone who’s planning to buy a portable spot cleaning machine but is too confused to make a wise decision.

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