BISSELL Little Green vs. ProHeat vs. Pet Pro [Honest Comparison]

Updated: 21st May 2022

BISSELL Little Green vs. Little Green ProHeat vs. Little Green Pet Pro – this is a comparison review of the popular portable carpet cleaners belonging to the Little Green series.

BISSELL Little Green (1400B) is the first product in the series. It’s powerful, versatile, and affordable, and therefore, one of the best-selling portable carpet cleaners.

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat (2513G) is a unique combination of performance and convenience. It’s also sold as the SpotClean ProHeat (2694) in some stores.

BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro (2891) is marketed exclusively for pet stains of all types, whether old or new.  It’s also sold as the SpotClean Pet Pro (2458) in some stores.

Which one is the perfect appliance for spot stains? Read this detailed side-by-side comparison to identify the best Little Green variant as per your requirements.  

NOTE: We’ve linked to SpotClean Pet Pro in place of Little Green Pet Pro as the former is the best-selling product on the marketplace.

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Features Comparison: A Side-by-Side Analysis

SpecificationsBISSELL Little Green (1400B)BISSELL Little Green ProHeat (2513G)BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro (2891)
Dimensions (D x W x H)8.25 × 17.25 × 12.50 inches6.5 × 12 × 14.5 inches10 × 14 × 14 inches
Weight9.65 lbs9.2 lbs13.25 lbs
Power sourceCordedCordedCorded
Power rating3 amps3 amps5.7 amps
Cord length15 feet15 feet20 feet
Hose length4 feet4.5 feet5 feet
Tank capacity48 ounces each37 ounces each¾ gallon each  
Cleaning technologyNoNoNo
Heating technologyNoHeatWave technologyNo
Drying technologyNoNoNo
Tools3-inch Tough Stain tool,
HydroRinse self-cleaning hose tool
3-inch Tough Stain tool,
3-in-1 Stair tool,
HydroRinse self-cleaning hose tool
3-inch Tough Stain tool,
Spraying Crevice tool,
Pet Stain tool,
Surface typeCarpet, upholstery, auto interiors, stairs, rugs, pet bedsCarpet, upholstery, auto interiors, stairs, rugs, pet bedsCarpet, upholstery, auto interiors, stairs, rugs, pet beds
Stains typeAll fresh and set-in stains like pet messes, food and beverages, grease, makeup, and mudAll fresh and set-in stains like pet messes, food and beverages, grease, makeup, and mudAll fresh and set-in stains like pet messes, food and beverages, grease, makeup, and mud
Cleaning formulaSpot & Stain with Febreze Freshness formulaPRO OXY Spot & Stain formulaPET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula
Warranty1 year2 years2 years
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Detailed Comparison: What’s the difference between BISSELL Little Green, ProHeat, and Pet Pro?

BISSELL Little Green vs ProHeat vs Pet Pro Comparison Chart
Graphical representation of the comparison

Pros & Cons

BISSELL Little GreenBISSELL Little Green ProHeatBISSELL Little Green Pet Pro
– Powerful cleaning
– Suitable for tough stains
– Easy to use and maintain
– Affordable price
– Suitable for multi-purpose cleaning
– Compact and lightweight
– Self-cleaning technology
– Moderately priced
– Excellent for pet stains and crevice cleaning
– Powerful suction
– Large tank capacities
– Long hose and cord
– Average tank capacity
– Short cord
– Low tank capacity
– Short cord
– Expensive than the rest
– A little heavier
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BISSELL Little Green is equipped with a 3 amps (~360 Watts) motor that imparts decent suction for cleaning everyday messes and some (not all) old, stubborn stains. It comes with a 3-inch tough stain, suitable for dismantling most types of spot stains. You’ll remove most of the stains with the help of the Little Green, but the surface may take hours to dry because the pull is not strong enough to suck out all the water.

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat is the middle variant that lies between Little Green and the Pet Pro. Powered by a 3 amps (~360 Watts) motor, it does an appreciable job of fighting tough stains of all types. The suction is similar to what you get in the Little Green. In addition to the 3-inch tough stain tool, you get a 3-in-1 stair tool that cleans the corners, curves, and treads of the staircase. With SpotClean ProHeat, you get the deep stain tool (instead of the stair tool) that injects solution deep into fibers. Hence, it’s suitable for deep spot cleaning.

Official video of BISSELL Little Green

BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro is a champion when it comes to removing pet stains of all types, whether old or new. The powerful 5.7 amps (~684 Watts) motor imparts excellent suction to pull out stains as well as water from the surface. The machine comes with three tool attachments – a 3-inch tough stain tool, a pet stain tool, and a spraying crevice tool.

The pet stain tool dispenses solution deep into the carpet fibers (similar to the deep stain tool), loosening up the trapped filth so that it becomes easier for the unit to suck up all the mess. The spraying crevice tool makes it easier to target pet stains on the edges and corners. With SpotClean Pet Pro, you get a stain trapper tool (instead of the pet stain tool) and no spraying crevice tool. The stain trapper tool stores the pet and liquid mess in a container attached to the tool instead of depositing them in the DWT.

My Verdict: BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro wins for its powerful performance and availability of different tools. However, if you want the best results with any of these machines, you should pretreat stains and vacuum out solid messes like pet hair and debris that may block the nozzle.

Ease of Use

Portable carpet cleaners are designed to render ease of use while cleaning spot stains on different surfaces. BISSELL Little Green is one such compact carpet cleaner that allows you to easily target spot stains in the quickest time. The 4-foot hose and 15-foot cord provide a moderate range of movement. The 48-ounce tank capacity is also average. You may need to fill it out twice or thrice for an extensive spot-cleaning session.

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat lags behind both Little Green and Pet Pro. It features a 4.5-foot hose and a 15-foot cord. The tank capacity is confined to 37 ounces, one of the lowest in the segment. However, the HeatWave technology is a relief that maintains the hot water temperature for a longer duration. Some people assume that it heats the water. But that’s not the case.

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Demo by Rose Baby

Using BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro is a bit easier because it comes with a 5-feet hose and a 20-feet cord, extending your reach farther than what the other two Little Greens have to offer. Talking about the tank capacity, the Pet Pro features ¾ gallon-capacity (96 ounces) tanks, the highest among the three. To use a different tool, simply detach the one already in place and attach the one you intend to use. The same applies to the Little Green and the ProHeat.

My Verdict: BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro wins here.

Ease of Maintenance

Portable carpet cleaners require extra care if you want to them function well and last long. After a spot cleaning session, you should take hot water in a vessel and let the tool suck up clean water so that all the filth passes down the hose and into the dirty water tank. Further, empty the tank and rinse it thoroughly twice or thrice to clear the sludge.

You have to follow this cleaning procedure with all three Little Green variants discussed here. With Little Green and Little Green ProHeat, you get the HydroRinse self-cleaning tool that helps in flushing the nozzle and the hose.

Official video of BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro

Talking about the warranties, BISSELL offers a 1-year warranty on Little Green and a 2-year warranty on both Little Green Pet Pro and Little Green ProHeat.

Lastly, if you want your carpet spot cleaner to function optimally, consider vacuuming before using a carpet cleaning machine.

My Verdict: Little Green ProHeat wins here for its self-cleaning technology and a 2-year warranty.


Little Green is a lightweight carpet shampooer that weighs just 9.65 lbs, one of the lightest in the segment. Hence, you can carry it anywhere you want – home, office, shop, and car. The small size also facilitates ease of storage.

Little Green ProHeat is the lightest among the three, weighing only 9.2 lbs. It’s designed to keep the portability factor into consideration. Therefore, it’s a portable carpet shampooer in a true sense. Also, the vertical orientation of the machine makes it sleek enough to store conveniently.

Little Green Pet Pro, on the contrary, is slightly on the heavier side because it features a high-power motor and large tanks. It weighs around 13.25 lbs. But still, it’s convenient to handle and store because of its compact size.

My Verdict: Little Green ProHeat wins here.


BISSELL Little Green is capable of handling all types of spot stains – pet messes, food and beverage spills, make-up blunders, oil and grease, and so on. Whether stains are old or new, you can put Little Green to the fore. Further, it’s ideal for a variety of surfaces like carpets, rugs, upholstery, stairs, pet beds, and auto interiors. Just use the right cleaning formula for the best results.

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat is just like Little Green, suitable for stains of all types. Both feature a 3-amp motor and a 3-inch tough stain tool. Further, you get a 3-in-1 stair tool here, apt for staircases, crevices, and edges. With SpotClean Proheat, it’s a deep stain tool. What really makes a difference is the cleaning solution that you use with these machines. This holds for the Pet Pro as well. Use a dedicated solution for a particular stain type to witness the best results.

BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro is exclusively marketed for pet stains of all types – poop, urine, vomit, drool, paw marks, blood, etc. But before you put Pet Pro to use, ensure you clean solid messes like poop with a tissue and remove pet hair and debris using a vacuum. The pet stain tool definitely helps remove deeply ingrained stains and odor from surfaces. The crevice tool makes it convenient to clean hard-to-reach crevices on couches and stairs. With SpotClean Pet Pro, it’s the stain trapper tool that does the magic.

My Verdict: Little Green Pet Pro wins for its powerful performance and a variety of tools available for different stains and surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Customers praise BISSELL Little Green for its superb cleaning ability, versatile performance, compact and lightweight design, and affordable price tag. These aspects make it one of the best-selling spot cleaners. Some highlighted drawbacks that include difficulty in cleaning the machine post-cleanups and long drying spells required for surfaces because suction doesn’t pull out water efficiently.

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat wins accolades for its ergonomic design, versatile performance, self-cleaning technology, and affordable price tag. But again, suction is not enough to pull out all of the water and the HeatWave mechanism may not serve the purpose for everyone.

BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro is applauded for its powerful suction, efficient spot removal ability, large tank capacities, and durable body. The availability of a spraying crevice tool is a big plus. There’re no prominent drawbacks except the fact that its hose is prone to breakage at the point it attaches to the tool if kept curled up for a long duration. To avoid the issue, attach the tool only when using the machine. Else, keep the hose free of any tool.

My Verdict: It’s a tie. Each appliance has its set of pros and cons that make it hard to identify a clear winner.

Which one is the best: BISSELL Little Green or ProHeat or Pet Pro?

 BISSELL Little GreenBISSELL Little Green ProHeatBISSELL Little Green Pet Pro
Ease of Use221
Ease of Maintenance212
Customer ReviewsTieTieTie
Check on Amazon
Check on Amazon
Check on Amazon

Which one will you buy: BISSELL Little Green or ProHeat or Pet Pro?

It’s time to take a stand now. This is all about the comparison of BISSELL Little Green, ProHeat, and the Pet Pro.

If budget and performance are important factors for you, go ahead with BISSELL Little Green.

But if you can spend a little more for a couple of technological add-ons like HeatWave technology and slender design, BISSELL Little Green ProHeat is what you need.

If fighting pet stains and better performance are your priorities and your budget is flexible, go ahead with BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro.

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4 thoughts on “BISSELL Little Green vs. ProHeat vs. Pet Pro [Honest Comparison]”

  1. Great comparison, really helped me out. One minor observation, given the writeup on the Performance of the product should the table number be reversed for performance between the Proheat and Pro (3 vs 1) should be (1 vs 3)? Thanks

    1. Hello, Dad McNeil. Must say, you are a keen observer and we value your opinion. ProHeat and Pet Pro are champs in their categories (as per the price range). The only factor that makes Pet Pro number 1 and ProHeat number 3 is the suction power. The former has better suction (more powerful) than the latter.

      In fact, we can say it’s a tie between ProHeat and the Little Green. So yes, Pet Pro (1), ProHeat (2), and Little Green (2).

      Would you like to add anything here? Feel free to comment. Thank you.

  2. Great info! I have a couch with a urine smell (not sure if it was my dog or son). I am considering getting the BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro and using the urine eliminator + oxy to get rid of the urine smell. But the overall couch needs a general cleaning, as it’s been a couple of years. Can I use this machine to clean a whole couch or is it only for spots? If not, what machine do you recommend?

    Does the urine eliminator actually work?

    If I do the whole couch should I use a different formula than the urine eliminator? or should I use the same product throughout the whole couch even if the urine is only in one spot? If I should use a different formula, what would you recommend?

    Thank you!


    1. Hey, Jen. Glad you liked the post. Thank you!

      To get rid of the urine or any other pet stains and odors, you should buy this BISSELL Little Green Pet Pro bundle. It comes with two trial packs of Pet Pro OXY urine Eliminator formulas, 48-oz Pet Urine Eliminator with OXY and Febreze, and 16-oz Pet Boost OXY formula.

      For complete deep cleaning of the couch, you should use BISSELL Deep Clean + Refresh with Febreze Freshness formula and BISSELL OXY Boost formula.

      Lastly, for effective couch cleaning, you can use the BISSELL 3-in-1 Stair and Upholstery tool attachment with the Little Green Pet Pro. This tool single-handedly cleans edges, crevices, and the surface.

      Hope this helps. Anything else you’d like to know about? Feel free to reply. Thank you.

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