BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Pet Pro vs. ProHeat [Honest Comparison]

Updated: 29th June 2022

BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. SpotClean Pet Pro vs. SpotClean ProHeat – here’s a detailed review of the three most popular spot carpet cleaners belonging to the same family.

SpotClean Pro (3194) – now sold as Little Green Pro (3194) – is an all-rounder that works flawlessly on all types of surfaces, removing old as well as fresh stains like a pro.

SpotClean Pet Pro (2458) comes with a specially designed pet stain remover tool and cleaning formula, necessary for dealing with all types of pet messes like urine, vomit, poop, etc.

And the SpotClean ProHeat (2694) portable carpet shampooer, also branded as BISSELL Little Green ProHeat (2513G), is integrated with Heatwave technology that keeps the water hot for a longer duration.

Now let us dive in deeper and analyze how these three portable carpet cleaners compete against each other. It will definitely help you make the right decision.

Let’s begin.

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Powerful, compact, easy to use, portable, very effective

Powerful, portable, compact, easy to use, designed for pet stains  

Portable, easy to use, delivers decent performance, affordable

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Features Comparison: BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Pet Pro vs. ProHeat

SpecificationsBISSELL SpotClean Pro (3194)BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro (2458)BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat (2694)
Dimensions (D x W x H)15.35 x 11.02 x 13.98 inches10 × 14 × 14 inches6.5 × 12 × 14.5 inches
Weight13.25 lbs13.25 lbs9.2 lbs
Power sourceCordedCordedCorded
Power rating5.7 amps5.7 amps3 amps
Cord length20 feet22 feet15 feet
Hose length5 feet5 feet4.5 feet
Tank capacity¾ gallon each¾ gallon each37 ounces each
Cleaning technologyNoNoNo
Heating technologyNoNoHeatwave technology
Drying technologyNoNoNo
Tools3-inch tough stain tool,
deep stain tool,
Easy Fill cap
3-inch tough stain tool,
stain trapper tool
3-inch tough stain tool,
deep stain tool,
HydroRinse self-cleaning hose tool
Surface typeCarpet, upholstery, auto, stairs, rugsCarpet, upholstery, auto, stairs, rugsCarpet, upholstery, auto, stairs, rugs
Stains typeAll fresh and set-in spot stains like pet messes & hair, food & beverages, grease, makeup, dirt, grime, mud, mold/fungusAll fresh and set-in spot stains like pet messes & hair, food & beverages, grease, makeup, dirt, grime, mud, mold/fungusAll fresh and set-in spot stains like pet messes & hair, food & beverages, grease, makeup, dirt, grime, mud, mold/fungus
Cleaning formula8-oz PRO MAX Clean + Protect formula,
8-oz Deep Clean + ANTIBACTERIAL formula
PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula (2 bottles)Spot & Stain + Oxy formula
Warranty2 years2 years2 years
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Detailed Comparison: BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Pet Pro vs. ProHeat

SpotClean Pro vs Pet Pro vs ProHeat Comparison
BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Pet Pro vs. ProHeat Comparison Chart

Pros & Cons

BISSELL SpotClean ProBISSELL SpotClean Pet ProBISSELL SpotClean ProHeat
Pros– Deep cleaning ability
– Large capacity tanks
– Deep stain tool for effective deep cleaning
– A tried and tested product
– Best portable appliance for pet stains
– Powerful performance
– Stain trapper tool provides convenience
– PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula works like a charm
– Sturdy and compact body
– Maintains water temperature for a longer duration
– Self-cleaning using HydroRinse tool
– Affordable price
Cons– Hose prone to wear and tear
– Slightly on the expensive side
– Expensive than the rest
– Hose breakage issue
– Average tank capacities
– Short cord length
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It all starts with the BISSELL SpotClean Pro, now available as Little Green Pro, a spot carpet cleaner that simply blows everyone with its impeccable performance, irrespective of its size and specifications. Featuring a 5.7 amps (~684 Watts) motor, it delivers powerful suction, capable of sucking up both set-in and fresh stains out your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. You get two tools here – the all-time favorite 3-inch tough stain tool and a deep stain tool that injects solution deep into fibers.

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro, powered by the same motor, does the exact same job with equal proficiency. With its 3-inch tough stain tool, stain trapper tool (captures solid messes and hair in the trap box), and PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula, it’s extra tough on pet stains and the odor that arises from these messes. There’s no deep stain tool here.

BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat, on the contrary, features a 3 amps (360 Watts) motor that delivers decent suction, but not as great as in the previous two machines. Less suction also means wetter carpets and longer drying durations. This appliance comes with a 3-inch tough stain tool and a deep stain tool.

Overall, all are capable of eliminating stains successfully. However, depending on the stain type, you may need to make multiple passes. And yes, pretreating stains and using hot water is highly recommended if you want to witness the best carpet cleaning performance.

My Verdict: It’s a tie between SpotClean Pro and Pet Pro. The ProHeat occupies the last spot.

Ease of Use

Since all three are portable carpet cleaning appliances, it’s really easy to use them anywhere and anytime.

You just need to pour in hot water and shampoo in the tanks, release the cord and plug it in, uncoil the hose, attach an appropriate tool, and that’s it! You are all set to fight against the stains.

Official video of SpotClean Pro

Talking about tank capacities, SpotClean Pro and Pet Pro feature 96-oz capacity tanks, sufficient to clean multiple sections of your carpet and rugs. But SpotClean ProHeat features 37-oz capacity tanks and, therefore, you’ll end up refilling tanks again and again.

The availability of different types of cleaning tools, besides the 3-inch tough stain tool that’s common amongst all three, makes your job easier to remove particular types of stains.

My Verdict: It’s a tie.

Ease of Maintenance

These machines don’t really need much maintenance, besides after-cleaning of the nozzle, hose, and the dirty water tank. You can rinse and wash the dirty water tanks with either hot water or detergent solution to get rid of residue, hair, and stinky odors.

The availability of the HydroRinse self-cleaning tool in SpotClean Proheat eases your job of cleaning the hose after a thorough cleaning session. For SpotClean Pro and Pet Pro, you can simply use hot or normal clean water in a bucket and let the tool suck up the water, cleaning up the nozzle and the hose in the process.

BISSELL offers a 2-year warranty on all three portable carpet cleaning shampooers. So in case of any issues, you can take your spot carpet cleaner to the service center and get it repaired free of cost during the first two years.

We’d like to mention that the hose may break earlier than expected in SpotClean Pro and Pet Pro. It’s due to the winding setup that puts stress at the point where you attach the tool to the hose. This is not the case with the hose set up in the ProHeat. To avoid the issue, simply detach the tool before curling up the hose. It’ll prevent any unnecessary pressure on the joints.

My Verdict: ProHeat wins, followed by SpotClean Pro and Pet Pro occupying the same position.

Official video of SpotClean ProHeat


Here’s where all three BISSELL spot cleaning machines scores really well. It’s because these are portable carpet cleaners, ready to deploy anywhere and anytime. You can pick them comfortably as they weigh less than 15 lbs. (less than 10 lbs. for ProHeat).

Deploy them on the carpets, rugs, hallways, stairs, cars, and wherever needed; they’ll fit in easily due to their small sizes, especially ProHeat because it’s really compact.

Further, longer cords and hoses facilitate ease of movement across rooms and halls. However, the range of movement is limited in ProHeat because it features a 15-feet cord and a 4.5-feet hose.

My Verdict: SpotClean ProHeat wins, followed by Pro and Pet Pro occupying the same position.


There’s no hard and fast rule to using these carpet cleaning machines for particular types of stains. You can use these to treat all types of old and new stains, including pet messes, nail polish, food and beverage spills, and more.

But to be specific, BISSELL SpotClean Pro excels at deep cleaning, Pet Pro works great for treating pet stains, and ProHeat is suitable for all types of stains. For best results, as mentioned earlier, use a pretreatment solution and hot water. Pick up solid messes using a wet wipe and then clean the stain with any of these machines.

Since suction is not as powerful as in full-sized carpet cleaners, some deeply embedded stains may not go away completely. So yes, portable carpet cleaners cannot replace upright machines; that’s the truth you should make peace with.

My Verdict: It’s almost a tie amongst all three, with SpotClean Pro and Pet Pro taking an edge here.

Customer Reviews

Let’s begin with BISSELL SpotClean Pro. This is the undisputed champion in the portable carpet cleaners segment. The users praise it for its mind-blowing performance, compact design, large-capacity tanks, and versatility. The hose breakage issue is a disappointment for many. However, the new version (3194) combats the issue to an extent.

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro is just the same as the Pro version, with only two add-ons – stain trapper tool and PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula.  While the formula works like magic on pet stains, you can do without the tool, if you don’t want to spend extra and can settle with the Pro version.

BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat has Heatwave technology that keeps the water warm/hot for a longer duration. However, customers say that it’s not of much use; simply use hot water and you are good to go. The suction is decent but the strong build quality, attractive design, and affordable price are noteworthy aspects. Limited tank capacity is a drawback.

My Verdict: SpotClean Pro wins, followed by Pet Pro, and then ProHeat.

Final Overview: BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Pet Pro vs. ProHeat

 BISSELL SpotClean ProBISSELL SpotClean Pet ProBISSELL SpotClean ProHeat
Ease of UseTieTieTie
Ease of MaintenanceTieTie1
Customer Reviews111
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

BISSELL SpotClean Pro vs. Pet Pro vs. ProHeat: Which one is the Best?

As per our analysis, BISSELL SpotClean Pro – now sold as the Little Green Pro on Amazon – emerges as the winner, beating the other two portable carpet cleaners solely based on the performance.

BISSELL Pet Pro is just a customized variant of the Pro, suitable for eliminating all types of pet stains. So all pet owners out there, you can consider buying Pet Pro.

If budget is a constraint and you’re looking to add a robust spot cleaner to your stack of carpet cleaning appliances, buy BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat (as available on Amazon), also known as the Little Green ProHeat.

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  1. Great comparison!

    Given that the PetPro is cheaper than the Pro on amazon at the moment, would it be the better choice overall?

    1. Hey, Akhilesh. Apologies for the late response. I took off for 2 weeks.

      Anyways, yes, go ahead with Pet Pro if you have pets at home. Otherwise, the Pro version is better because you get a 6-inch stair tool.

      Now if the price difference helps you save enough $$ on the Pet Pro, don’t mind placing an order.

      You can always buy tools and attachments later whenever there’s a need.

      Hope this helps.

      Again, sorry for the delay.

    1. Yes, it’s true. The 3194 doesn’t have the 6-inch stair tool. It comes with a 3-inch tough stain tool and a deep stain tool.

      The 3194 is the latest edition of the SpotClean Pro (now it’s sold as the Little Green Pro on Amazon). The 6-inch tool was available with the previous edition, i.e., 3624. And it was 3624 in the review before we replaced it with 3194. That’s why the confusion.

      We hope it’s clear now. Thank you for pointing it out, though.

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